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Bringing an RSX back from the dead to a Rally Sprint win!


It’s funny how bad decisions sometime lead to your greatest achievements.

Buying this RSX was a terrible idea, plain and simple. I’m somewhat skilled at driving and breaking cars but have a long way to go with my mechanic and used car evaluation skills.

I had been casually keeping an eye open for a caged rally car so I could graduate from Rallycross into more serious events such as Rally Trials and Sprints. This RSX popped up on the Texas Rallycross Facebook […]


Fast Food. Slow Car. No Sleep. 6000 Miles in Just Over a Week: My First One Lap of America



What is One Lap of America?

7 Days.
6 Racetracks + Drag Races, Autocross, Skidpad and bonus events.
1 Set of tires allowed and no support vehicles. You must drive the same car on the same tires all week long.
3,500 Miles from Indiana to Florida and back.
So many fast food stops I lost track and so little sleep I forgot how to count anyways.
One hell of a good time.

One Lap of America Route for 2017

Why the heck did I sign up for this?

As I […]

HPDE 4 (Civic Si) - TWS NASA NASA Fall Fling 2016

NASA Texas Fall Fling 2016

2009 Honda Civic Si – HPDE 4 – October 15/16 2016 – NASA Texas Fall Fling – Texas World Speedway, College Station – Texas

0:00 – How NOT to take turn 7 when getting passed on the inside (Spring Fling 2015)
0:18 – Redeeming myself in the first session (Fall Fling 2016)
0:50 – Getting passed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and losing grip in turn 3
1:35 – playing accordion with a Porsche until he finally lets me by at 7:15 on the last […]

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 11.40.04 PM

SCCA Rally Trials in a Ford Focus!

I gave the Civic a well-deserved break this weekend after it’s 100K Milestone Road Trip Laguna Seca Adventure, and drove a Ford instead.

Photo by: Hong Jin Cho

For SCCA Rally Trials, a cage is required which my Civic does not have since my interior is still stock. As the event got closer and closer I began to think that I wouldn’t even be able to participate because I had no time to prepare my car for Rallycross only and no one […]


SoCal Supermoto! Winning my first race on a motorcycle

This was part of a perfectly timed road trip in between jobs where I was able to cross off the bucket list track Laguna Seca on Saturday and drive down to LA to have the most fun I’ve ever had on a motorcycle at Socal Supermoto on Monday.

I kept hearing about this place all over the internet and my friend Ron and I had been planning on getting out to experience this at some point in 2016. When I saw […]

Laguna Seca Corckscrew Honda Civic Si


Watkins Glen and COTA were my first two bucket list tracks I wanted to drive. Another track that I knew like the back of my hand but never drove was Laguna Seca. I had logged countless laps and hours in multiple video games (mostly the Gran Turismo series) so when I had the chance to drive out to California from Texas in between jobs I quickly booked a track day with Hooked on Driving and took the road trip up.

The […]


Lone Star Rallycross #1 2016

Lone Star Rallycross Event #1 1-23-16 – Brian DeFrees Civic Si #89 M2. Montage of AM session (1 cone) and final fastest run in PM Session (No cones!)


SCCA Rallycross Southwest National Challenge 2015

2015 Event Shirt Design


NASA Spring Fling – Texas World Speedway

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.51.50 AM

Lone Star Rallycross 2014 Champion!