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NASA Spring Fling – Texas World Speedway

Civic Si COTA

Circuit of the Americas – Christmas at COTA

The Driver’s Edge Christmas at COTA event at¬†Circuit of the Americas December 6-7 2014.

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Houston MSR – The Driver’s Edge Blue Group 6/21-6/22

HPDE – 2009 Honda Civic Si


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Drivers’s Edge HPDE – Texas World Speedway

The Drivers’s Edge HPDE TWS May 17-18 2014 Civic Si – Yellow Group

2009 Honda Civic Si at Texas World Speedway CCW 2.9 – Sept. 28-29 2013 The Driver’s Edge

Instructed and Solo runs (wet and dry) in the Blue Run group with The Driver’s Edge at Texas World Speedway 2.9 CCW September 27-28 2013.

Video of a near spin and a spin out in one of the rain sessions:

Cresson Motorsports Ranch 1.7 CW – 2009 Honda Civic Si FA5 – The Drivers Edge Blue Group 7-21-13

HPDE at Cresson Motorsports Ranch 7-21-13.


Track Event at Watkins Glen International

A highlight video and raw footage from my track time at Watkins Glen with my 2009 Civic Si.