Santa Elena Canyon - Big Bend

Big Bend National Park

A few brave friends and I decided to spend Thanksgiving away from our families and instead in one the country’s most remote National Parks. Thanksgiving is a great time to camp as we had most of the campground to ourselves and the temperatures were perfect for hiking. Nights were a little rough with only a 30 degree bag and no sleeping pad or pillow but enough booze worked to put me to sleep. Unfortunately there are no fires allowed either but in return the stars were amazing at night. We bathed in the hot springs and crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico for a short period and then I lost both my sandals in the river on the way back….totally worth it. I turned 28 in a short trip up to Marfa and then we finished our trip with a hike in the Santa Elena Canyon but didn’t have enough time to canoe it…I want to return again before too long.