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New York – Texas: 34 Hours Straight!

Travel Dates: January 2, 2012 – January 3, 2012
Trip Time: 34 Hours
Distance: 1,761 mi/2,834 km
States Visited: 9
Vehicle: 2009 Honda Civic Si
Avg. MPG: 25.09 MPG, $.0141/mi
Total Gallons: 72.44 Gal
Total Fuel Cost: $260.17, $130.09/Day
Total Approx. Trip Cost:  $300
Trip Theme Songs: Eddie Veddier – Far Behind, Jerry Reed – Texas Bound and Flyin’



Decided on my first visit and confirmed on my second visit were my plans of relocation from Upstate NY down to Austin, Texas. January wasn’t the best time to travel and I had delays with snow storms through much of the trip until I got far enough south. Another difficulty was the weight of my car with all my belongings on it and the worn tires from my last roadtrip that made icy conditions somewhat sketchy. But besides poor gas mileage with all the extra weight, I made it down without any incidents.

Since I had all my belongings in my car and on top of it, I didn’t really feel comfortable spending the night in a hotel or anywhere too far from my car. Since it was January, I wasn’t really in the mood to camp either. So, I drove all 34 hours by myself without sleeping. The one time I stopped to try to doze off in my seat (which couldn’t recline because of all my stuff) a trailer pulled up full of cows which procedded to kick and moo making sleep futile.

It was interesting driving through so many states without stopping and witnessing all the changes in weather and terrain. When I left New York I had my coat on and by the time I got to Texas I was in my t-shirt with the windows down. I got a lot of funny looks from people as my car was covered in salt left from the snow plows in the north when I arrived in Texas. 34 hours and 1,761 miles without sleep was definitely a record for me and one I don’t plan on breaking anytime soon.